About Greg

“Hey, Now!” I’m a recovering idealist. I’ve learned that embracing imperfection in myself and others, actually primes me to see the good in the world. And this helps me to wring as much pleasure out of life as possible.

Writing & Reading

Provide Transportation & Transformation

I’ve loved the written word since I learned to read. (Life’s most important skill, imo). My professional writing has been focused on email marketing, and web copywriting. My blog, Insights for Grateful Living, is a platform to share my observations on topics ranging from Politics, to Philosophy, to Beef Brisket.

My writing has recently been featured online in several different publications on Medium.com.

I’m working on a series of short stories, and I’m conjuring the novel(s) I’ve always wanted to write. More to come!

My Education & Interests

 I attended UNC-Chapel Hill for two years where I took some creative writing classes, but where the most important thing I learned was how good the music of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and The Grateful Dead is. I also learned that the things I really wanted to know couldn’t be learned in a college lecture hall.

I suppose I’m an auto-didact, though very informally. I also believe everyone owns their own education, we all should be auto-didacts, and Truth can be found everywhere.

My Life & Loves

I’ve worn many hats. The spectrum extends from touring DeadHead in my teens and early twenties, to street Evangelist from my mid-20’s to late-30’s.

I’m the father of 7 kids (5 daughters & 2 sons). They were all born at home with me acting as mid-wife. Their mother and I divorced; painfully, bitterly, and expensively after 22 years.

That opened the door for me to reconnect with my high-school sweetheart. We’ve been together, doing life, sharing a home, and deepening our bond for over 12 years. I couldn’t be more Grateful!

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