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Overview of all risks covered: Table 1.1 Ethical and Social risks of harm from Language Models

I. Discrimination, Exclusion and Toxicity     Mechanism: These risks arise from the LM accurately reflecting natural speech, including unjust, toxic, and oppressive tendencies present in the training data.     Types of Harm: Potential harms include justified offense, material (allocational) harm, and the unjust representation or treatment of marginalized groups. Social stereotypes and unfair discrimination Exclusionary norms Toxic language Lower performance by

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So You Think There Are No Dangers to Using AI Technology Like ChatGPT? …Better Look Before You Leap!

23 world-class scholars map the risk landscape So-called Artificial Intelligence programs and applications that use Large Language Models (LMs) as their core training data are making breakthrough advances and enjoying rapid adoption in the classroom and professional settings. But the 23 authors who collaborated on the paper, Ethical and social risks of harm from Language

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Please access my content at Also on Substack at I will be creating posts on a regular basis listing links to specific articles and stories. As an aspiring writer, hoping to make a living from my work, I cannot post duplicate articles and stories. Medium is a very modest monthly fee $5 and

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