Cliffhangers Galore!

What a start to the new year, huh? Last week was momentous, and this week and the next promise more of the same.

The country is reeling from an attempted insurrection on Wednesday, January 6th, incited by the President himself against the Legislative branch of the United States government and inside of the Unites States capital building where the Legislature was engaged in the pro forma certification of the electoral college votes from the states. Terrorist rioters roamed the halls chanting “Hang Mike Pence” and searching for Nancy Pelosi by name.

The resultant aftermath of analysis and hand-wringing has been must-see TV of real-time history.

There are many unknowns this morning:

Will Mike Pence do the right thing and invoke the 25th Amendment?

If done, will half of the remaining cabinet go along?

Will Trump pardon himself, his allies, his children, his cronies, the participants in Wednesday’s coup attempt while he can?

Will the House, under Nancy Pelosi’s speakership adopt and pass Articles of Impeachment?

Will the House adopt provisions under Article 14 to remove seditious representatives?

Will the Senate adopt provision under Article 14 against Senators Cruz and Hawley, possibly others?

Will the Senate convict if the House passes Articles of Impeachment?

Is there enough time left to do any of the above to remove Trump before the January 20th Inauguration date?

How many more Trump staffers and cabinet members will resign this week?

If you tried to write this many storylines and cliffhangers into a fictional television series, you’d be laughed out of the writer’s union.

But here we are. Keep that seat belt fastened. The captain has not turned off the seat-belt sign.

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