You are what you…
Early mornings & freshly ground coffee…it’s all downhill from there.

It has been said that you are what you do…habitually.

If that’s true, what are you?

I’m an early-rising, coffee-drinking, Beth-loving, blog-writing, compulsive-reading, tele-marketing, tv-watching, over-eating, guitar-playing, Gabriel Allon and Carolina Hurricanes fan.

Some of those habits I’m pretty proud of. Others, not so much. A year ago even, my list was different. I was a different person then. Hopefully you were too. I have developed some habits I didn’t have then. I’ve replaced some. I had a couple other serious habits on that list. One needed to go, one needs to come back.

A year ago, I was 3rd on the American server for the online game Forge of Empires. Yeah, that was me…ugh! 

I was also a habitual walker. Like…habitual, as in almost 5 miles a day.

The walking is coming back. The gaming is staying in the coffin.

I wrote a post a few weeks back about exploration vs. exploitation. It occurs to me that good habits, while certainly in the exploitation column, also offer some of the aspects of exploration. And let me qualify my use of the adjective ”good” above. By good habits, I don’t mean ”healthy”, I mean ”fun” or ”pleasurable”.

Most of my habits have those qualities. Only one is done out of sheer necessity…unless you also count coffee-drinking, which I probably should. 

Make your own list. Check it twice. Which habits are naughty. Which are nice? Which add to your life and make it worth living? Which are detriments, and make you not the person you want to be.

The wonderful thing about habits is they’re like that old Steve Martin joke about keeping a litter bag in your car. They don’t take up a lot of room, and if it gets too full, you can always chuck it out the window.

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