Listening to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul…

“Hey Now!” I’m a recovering idealist learning to embrace imperfection in myself and others in order to wring as much pleasure out of life as possible. It’s freeing to lose the fear of being wrong, or being laughed at.

For money, I am a commissioned salesman.

For pleasure, I’m an avid reader, Grateful Dead aficionado, and sports fan.

I’ve worn many hats. The spectrum extends from touring Deadhead to street Evangelist.

I’m the father of seven: five daughters and two sons. (all born at home with me as acting “mid-wife” over a twenty-two-and-a-half-year span, and all have the same mother).

I’m a happy divorcé with an amazing, live-in girlfriend of over twelve years. She is my best friend. From the first time I met her at 14 yrs old in high school, I wanted to be with her. It just took some time on a different path for that to happen. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be so loved and accepted, flaws and all.

I’ve loved the written word since I learned to read it, but until recently I was too afraid to post anything of my own. Now, after years of what I thought was writing, I am finally learning to write. Be gentle, I know I have a long way to go. I will share my observations (dare I say insights?) on this forum. I hope to one day write a book…and then another.

In a past life I was a touring DeadHead. I am profoundly grateful for those years and experiences. The music is still the soundtrack of my life, and it still rocks my soul.

I’ve done a bit of everything to make a living: remodeling houses, full-time-ordained ministry, database administration and design, sales and marketing. But I’m much more interested in making a life, than making a living.

Anything else you want to know about me will be gleaned from the things I write about on this site.

You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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