Culture Wars?

In light of the politically driven Culture Wars in the US, I googled ”how many cultures are in America?”

I found an interesting article in business insider, claiming 11 different US ”nations” with territorial borders and unique cultural and political affinities. 

On a site called Inter Exchange that promotes cultural interchange for expats and students, I found the following article listing 10 Things to Know About US Culture

There are a number of other returns to my query that run along the same lines. They universally declare that cultural diversity and plurality is a characteristic of life in the United States. 

That doesn’t begin to touch the innumerable sub-cultures that exist in America. 

These are legitimate cultures in the sense of shared values, experiences, practices, beliefs, and norms. Some of them even have their own shared languages, art, rituals, and ceremonies.

These are facts.

No intelligent person would dispute them.

I cannot remember the last time someone forced me against my will to adopt their cultural norms, or join their culture.

I have been unsuccessful forcing people to join my preferred sub-culture: DeadHead.

And even less successful forcing them into my preferred sub-sub-culture: Christian DeadHead.

Have you been the victim of Cultural Coercion? 

If so, how did it happen? Can you share how you were made to become part of a group, speak a language, appreciate the art, or literature, or music, or eat the food and drink the kool-aid of that group who made you join against your will?

If no Culture has thus far successfully forced your membership, are you participating in a war against some other Culture trying to force them to join yours?

I think the Culture Wars are just as stupid and just as failed as the Drug Wars.

I’m a conscientious objector, myself.

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