20 Questions

Bonus 21st – Should anyone be above the law?
The Battle for the Capital

On the Tuesday marking the beginning of what will be an unprecedented event in American history, here are 20 questions for you to consider. Please answer them honestly to yourself. No need to comment unless you feel so led.

1) Are there any Trump supporters who still believe the election was stolen from him?

2) If yes, where did you get the information to come to believe that?

3) Do you believe that the January 6th attack on the Capital was appropriate?

4) If no, who do you believe is responsible?

5) Should the responsible parties be held accountable for whatever role they played?

6) Why do you think that crowd showed up on January 6th? 

7) Do you believe they were invited and by whom?

8) What was the purpose of the invitation, especially the last phrase, ”Will be wild”? 

9) Who told them to march to the Capital? 

10) If it was a peaceful protest, why did so many people remove barricades and fight with Capital Hill Police? 

11) Was it ok to beat a cop to death?

11) Do you think these people entered the Capital hoping to stop the electoral count?

12) What do you believe they hoped to achieve? 

13) What was the purpose of the destruction and defilement of Capital property?

14) Do you wish the violence would have succeeded in overturning the election?

15) If no, and Trump is not found guilty, is a coup attempt less likely, or more likely, to happen again?

16) Should senators in this trial vote according to the evidence and their conscience, or should they support their party?

17) Is that violent mob of January 6th representative of the America you believe in?

18) Do you feel a personal connection and identity with the mob?

19) Is that the kind of American you want to be?

20) Were they doing it for you?

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