First Day of the First Week…holding breath

Today, Sunday, January 3, 2021 is the first day of the first full week of the new year. And a momentous day it is too. Here are a few highlights of the day and the upcoming week.

The new congress will be sworn in making the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives considerably narrower.

Today marks the anniversary of the US killing of Iranian General Qassim Suliemani. There are concerns that Iran may attempt a retaliatory strike against American targets.

Today also marks the beginning of what will certainly turn out to be week of tremendous consequence in the history of the United States:

1) Tuesday is election day in Georgia for both of that state’s senate seats. The Republicans hold the senate majority going into the election by a 50-48 margin. If the two Democrats, Jon Ossof and Raphael Warnock win their special elections, the senate would be split 50-50, with newly elected Vice President, Kamala Harris, a Democrat, holding the tie-breaking vote.

2) Wednesday is the day Congress will tabulate the electoral college votes submitted by the states. All of the states have submitted legally verified electors giving President-Elect Joe Biden a substantial EC victory of 306 votes to 232. This event would ordinarily be pro forma and largely symbolic. But there are rumblings that GOP representatives and senators are planning to challenge the slate of electors submitted by several of the states where Donald Trump lost in an effort to use the procedure to overturn the election and hand it to Trump.

3) Lame Duck President Donald Trump has called for Wednesday to be a day of protests over what he claims is a ”stolen election” in Washington, DC. The MAGA contingent will be joined by members of several right-wing para-military groups including the infamous, ”Proud Boys” who have told their members not to wear their typical black and yellow colors, but instead to blend in amongst the other MAGA protesters. The day could turn violent. Perhaps even violent enough to provide a pretext for Trump to declare martial law in the District of Columbia or even in a broader more general sphere.

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