Hair Of The Dog, Anyone?

Last night saw the ascendance of the Democratic party to likely control of the United States Senate by the slimmest of margins with the projected victory in the Georgia run-off race of Democrat candidates Raphael Warnock and the likely victory of Jon Ossoff, whose race is too close to call at 7 am this morning. 

Like many Americans, I watched the returns until the wee hours of the morning when GA election officials called it a night. Warnock was comfortably ahead by around 35,000 votes and Ossoff behind by about 1200 votes when I retired for a few hours sleep. I was encouraged this morning to learn that Warnock is the projected winner of his race with a margin that will be outside recount territory. 

Ossoff has also pulled ahead in his race by some 16,000 votes as of 6:30 am. The current .38 margin would fall inside the .5 margin for a recount that could be demanded by his opponent, David Perdue. There are approximately 70,000 votes remaining to be counted and all of the media outlets are reporting that the overwhelming majority of those should break to Ossoff and will give him a recount-proof margin, thus securing a Democrat majority in the Senate.

If that result holds, the country can finally say so long to Mitch McConnell as obstructor-in-chief in his role as Senate Majority Leader.

The 2020 election cycle has been the dominant topic of interest for a year. Even in a year when a virus became the leading cause of death in America, we’ve grown numb to the scale of the virus numbers, but the political show has had enough plot twists to addict us.

The deadliness of the COVID virus, having claimed nearly 360,000 American lives, can be attributed to Trump’s determination to ignore the virus in the light of his reelection bid. Then, of course, for the first time in modern history, he has refused to concede an election that he lost by over 7 million popular votes and by 74 electoral college votes 306-232.

Today marks the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in Congress where the historically pro forma counting of the state’s electors is set to happen.

But wait…a number of seditious GOP representatives have been joined by a handful of traitorous GOP senators vowing to ”refuse” recognition of the electoral college count, planning to mount challenges to the slate of certified electors submitted by several states.

Trump has been championing the theory that Mike Pence can name the electors he wants in his role as President of the Senate today, because, you know, so many VPs have historically chosen their preferred presidential winners for us in the past…NOT!

Most pundits view today’s threatened actions as a political stunt with no chance of overturning the legitimate result, but, it will be yet more political theater. And, once again, it will be must-see TV. And depending on the magnitude of the disruption the traitors incite, it could last well into the night.

As if following the final vote tallies in GA, and watching the unfolding of the idiocy in Congress wasn’t enough, a large crowd of willfully ignorant and gullibly deceived Trump cultists and right-wingnuts are expected in Washington, DC today as well. They are expected to do what the stupid do, which is to act stupidly. I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

In a season where even the most politically agnostic have been forced to imbibe more in the way of campaign ads, a drawn out election count, the refusal of concession by the sitting President, MAGA protests and threats, last night’s special election in GA, and the promised drama in Congress today, this has been the worst drinking game in history. 

But with today and tonight still to get behind us, and with so much on the line, and having developed both a habit and a tolerance, all I can say is, ”hair of the dog, anyone?”

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