Is Socialism Really All That Radical?

There is nothing inherently holy about Capitalism. There is no mention of it in the Bible. Nor is it mentioned in the Constitution, by the way. 

There is nothing that codifies it as the economic system that should be adhered to at all times, at all costs, in every arena of economic policy.

This is a good thing, because it would be difficult to find a wealthy enough financier, a Capitalist, to finance and own and maintain the nation’s Army, for instance. 

And even if we could find someone that wealthy, would it be wise and good to see if the same individual, say Jeff Bezos, or Warren Buffett, would like to own the Navy, too? The Air Force? Maybe we could farm that out to a corporation, like Apple, say. All the planes would look pretty cool with that iconic piece of bitten fruit on the wings.

And who gets to own the nation’s Police forces? Mark Zuckerburg? Facebook S.W.A.T. units, nice. (They already know everything there is to know about the suspects).

Who should own the US Postal Service? Maybe switch Bezos to this. Amazon’s good at delivery.

Who wants to own the Firefighting services? Elon Musk? All-electric, self-driving fire trucks. I can see it.


Should all First Responders be owned by the same corporation, or individual?

I’m being purposely sarcastic, ironic, and satirical.

Think. About. It.

The military (all branches), and the first responders (all types, except volunteers) are purely socialist entities. Yes, I said it. Our military framework is socialist. It is government owned and taxpayer funded.

The Government, the State, owns the ”means of production”. It owns the forts, naval bases, and air fields. It owns the tanks, bombers, aircraft carriers, tomahawk cruise missiles, F-22’s. The State pays the wages of all the service members, too, via taxation of citizens. It’s about as purely Socialist as the socialist model will allow.

We wouldn’t want it: Any. Other. Way.

There are many instances that are similar. Care to look?

If your neighbor’s house catches fire, the roaring flames threatening your house, do you want the firemen to show up, and a salesman jump out with a contract to negotiate to see how much money they can squeeze out of him before they uncoil the hoses and hook up to the fire hydrant?

And while you’re thinking that over…who owns that fire hydrant and all the underground piping all the way back to the water tower or reservoir? Who owns the tower? I’ll be damned, I believe the State does, in the form of local government, public utilities departments.

There’s radical socialism all around us! Who knew???

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