Look What’s In Your Hand

There You Are! You Made It To Today! Nice!

You have made it to today. Congratulations! No, I’m definitely not being facetious. If you are reading this you’ve proven that you have what it takes to marshal your resources, persevere in the daily grind, overcome obstacles, and succeed in life. Have you ever stopped to realize the truth of what you just read? It has taken a series of daily miracles to make it here! Have you considered that? If not, the appropriate response to that recognition should be gratitude. 

The simple, undeniable fact of being alive…again..today…this day, is enough evidence to prove you know how to do this life thing. With all that you’ve been through, it is a remarkable achievement to keep showing up!

If you don’t feel like the reminder is a big deal – no, a Really Big Deal, then you probably take a lot of unpleasant rides on the emotional roller coaster. Am I right? I can make that guess with confidence, knowing that a consistently positive emotional state is sustained by an accurate accounting and valuation of what you have. It is impossible to be happy while anxious and focused on what you don’t have.

Simply re-aligning your focus can change your life.

”I can tell your future

just look what’s in your hand.

But I can’t stop for nothing

I’m just playin’ in the band.”

~Grateful Dead: Playin’ In The Band

The focus of this site

This post and site is devoted to helping you look at what’s already in your hand. Once you see that you’ve had everything you’ve needed, really needed, to get to today; you will gain a confidence that will see you through every storm to arrive at whatever port tomorrow brings your way. Remind yourself, that if you’ve made it to today, the appropriate response is gratitude.

So, stop for a moment and allow yourself to feel grateful that you’ve made it this far, that you’re still here, that you’ve been perfectly equipped to get to this point in your life. We’ll learn how to focus that appreciation onto the smallest things, the simplest occurrences, the thousand and one simple pleasures that enrich your life every day.

You’re going to learn how to see what you have, simply by looking for it, and looking at it. And that’s going to spark a new way of seeing everything else about this world. Gratitude for the smallest of blessings can turn this entire world into a museum of amazement for you. 

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