Creation v. Distribution

If you want to share the things you create; art, music, writing, crafts; you will reach a dilemma that involves dividing your time between creating, and learning how to effectively share what you’ve created. 

You will have to think about, research, compare, decide upon, engage with, manipulate, conduct trials, learn from errors, and finally, implement channels of distribution. Then, you will have to analyze the results, make adjustments, and maybe even go a different direction to reach your target audience.

You will be forced to divide your energy and your precious fleeting time between the creative and the administrative, between the producer and the distributor, the manufacturer and the salesman. 

All the links in the chain are important, but not equally so. All have their place, but must be ordered properly. All are useful, but only a few are necessary. The effort to create does not occupy the same mental space or attention as that required to promote and market and distribute, because creation and distribution utilize different skillsets. Do not lose sight of what is truly valuable in the chain. 

There is no need of a market without a product. 

Be careful to get the best return on your investment of time, attention, and energy. Maximize your strengths at all times. This is more valuable than improving your weaknesses. 

Selling one’s wares can take on a life of its own with an insatiable appetite that eats the maker of the wares. 

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